296 Saint Paul West Street


The building at 296 Saint-Paul street was the first property purchased by Gestion Georges Coulombe in 1976. It provides breathtaking views of Saint-Paul and Place d’Youville streets, and is filled with natural light owing to its very large windows with varied shapes on each floor. Rough stone and carved stone are combined to provide texture and relief to the façade.

  • Services

    • Freight elevator
    • Maintenance of common areas
  • History

    Henry Stroud building was built in 1904 by the architectural firm of John-James Brown & Son. Its original owner was Henry Wallace Stroud, a coffee and tea wholesaler.

  • Alterations and renovations

    Converted into office and commercial space in 1982 and St-Paul street façade restored in 2016.
  • Caracteristics

    Adresse : 296 Rue Saint Paul O
    Montréal, QC H2Y 2A3

    Autre(s) façade(s) : 295 Place d’Youville
    Montréal, QC H2Y 2Bg

    Vocation : Commercial

    Année de construction : 1904

    Architecte(s) : John James Browne & Son

    Étages : 4 étages et 1 sous-sol

    Superficie par étage : 2 915 pieds²     

    Superficie totale : 15 000 pieds²

    Géré par : Gestion Georges Coulombe

    Année(s) de renovations: 1982

    Nom historique : Immeuble Henry-Stroud

    Propriétaire original : Henry Wallace Stroud

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