388 Saint-Jacques Street


This magnificent 10-storey building, across from the World Trade Centre, constitutes an incredible compendium of North American architectural styles from that time. It was renovated in 1999. Since it was originally a financial institution, the architect came up with a design in the Renaissance revival style, that showcases both power and wealth. This is evidenced in the main entrance to the building, which is topped by a pediment supported by pillars and ornamented with an escutcheon.

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  • History

    The name ‘Union Bank of Canada’ was formerly engraved on the façade, at ground floor level; the name ‘Commercial Union Building’ is still engraved on the 3rd floor window strip.

    The skyscraper, built in 1904-1905 for the Sovereign Bank, replaced a three-storey store/warehouse. The Sovereign Bank occupied the first two floors of the building. The higher floors contained the offices of companies, law firms, notaries, brokers and a Consulate. In 1908, the Sovereign Bank sold the building back to the British firm Commercial Union Assurance Company, which would end up selling it 60 years later, in 1969.

  • Caracteristics

    Adresse : 388 Rue Saint-Jacques
    Montréal, QC H2Y 1S1

    Autre(s) façade(s) : 390 Rue Saint-Jacques
    Montréal, QC H2Y 1S1

    Vocation : Commercial

    Année de construction : 1905

    Architecte(s) : Howard colton Stone Architecte

    Étages : 10

    Superficie par étage :3 406 pieds²     

    Superficie totale : 36 000 pieds²

    Géré par : Gestion Georges Coulombe

    Année(s) de renovations: 1999

    Nom historique : Édifice Sovereign Bank et Édifice Commercial Union

    Propriétaire original : Commercial Union Assurance Company Ltd

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