409 Saint Nicolas Street


Small commercial building with all of the attributes sought by lovers of Old Montreal: stone and brick walls, skylights, wood floors and a mezzanine on the top floor. The south façade, overlooking Saint-Paul street, was designed by the famous architect John Ostell, who designed the old Montreal Courthouse. Made of carved stone flanked by pilasters and cast-iron architectural elements, the façade was preserved when the building was altered circa 1900.

  • Services

    • Maintenance of common areas
  • History

    Formerly the Harrison Stephens Store, this building was built in 1836 by the architect John Ostell. In the spring of 1848, the original owner, Harrison Stephens, contracted architect George Browne to remodel the buildings and create an inner courtyard.

  • Alterations and renovations

    The building was probably rebuilt around 1900 with a flat roof, but the original façade on Saint-Paul street was preserved.
  • Caracteristics

    Adresse : 409 Rue Saint Nicolas
    Montréal, QC H2Y 2P4

    Autre(s) façade(s) : 235-239 Rue Saint Paul O
    Montréal, QC H2Y 2A2

    Vocation : Commercial

    Année de construction : 1836

    Architecte(s) : John Ostell (façade de la rue Saint-Paul)

    Étages : 3

    Superficie par étage : 3 200 pieds²     

    Superficie totale : 10 000 pieds²

    Géré par : Gestion Georges Coulombe

    Nom historique : Magasins Harrison-Stephens

    Propriétaire original : Harrison Stephens

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