414 & 412 McGill


This commercial and residential building is located on a main artery of Old Montreal. It has characteristic two-floor lofts with skylights and large windows. It also offers commercial space ideally suited for starting or expanding businesses. The pillars on the ground floor and the carved-stone cladding provide a certain prestige to the façade of the building, while inside, the bare brick walls and hardwood flooring contribute to its yesteryear character.

  • Services

    • Maintenance of common areas
  • History

    The building is part of the group of buildings at 412, 414 and 416 McGill, three parts that were built together and then subsequently divided into two properties, one of which (412-414) has two bays. The third building in the group, located at 416 McGill, was also purchased by Gestion Georges Coulombe. Construction in 1846 of three general store/residences.

  • Alterations and renovations

    A two-storey expansion in brick was built at the back of the building (date unknown).
  • Caracteristics

    Adresse : 414 Rue McGill
    Montréal, QC H2Y 2G1

    Autre(s) façade(s) : Rue Longueuil

    Vocation : Commercial / Résidentiel

    Année de construction : 1855

    Architecte(s) : Moses Marshall Architecte

    Étages : 4

    Superficie par étage : 3 300 pieds²     

    Superficie totale : 16 000 pieds²

    Géré par : Gestion Georges Coulombe

    Année(s) de renovations: 1996

    Nom historique : Maison-Magasin Jacob De Witt

    Propriétaire original : Jacob De Witt

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