St-Denis Space


Georges Coulombe Management has signed the first two phases of this collaborative project with France Film for the development of the St-Denis Space, which includes the France Film Tower and the cabaret-theater that opened its doors in the fall of 2022.

The new cabaret-theater allows the projection of continuous images in 360 degrees and a sound and video capture of first quality that can be broadcast all over the world. With the opening of the Le Molière restaurant and the addition of reception rooms, this space is a must in the Latin Quarter.

This collaboration will continue with the third phase, which is the upgrading of the ancestral main hall of the St-Denis Theatre.

Urban hotel - Olympic Park

Gestion Georges Coulombe unveils its project to build a new urban hotel on the site emblematic of the Olympic Park. Erected on the site of the Starcité cinema, this hotel preserving 6 cinemas plans to offer between 180 and 200 rooms, as well as a spacious multifunctional room capable of accommodating up to 1000 people.
As a major player who has contributed to the revitalization of Old Montreal, Gestion Georges Coulombe is now asserting itself as an agent of dynamic change in this rapidly growing sector boiling. This new project is part of the continuity of its commitment to shaping spaces innovative and functional, while preserving the essence of each place.

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