Real-estate development

Real-estate development is a complex process, where each step is independent of the others. The concept of real-estate development, as seen by Gestion Georges Coulombe, involves in this respect working closely with our partners, a broad-spectrum approach for each phase, and the promotion of sustainable development. This ensures that we provide a comprehensive service to our clients, for whom we use a personalized and functional approach in keeping with our principles of economic and environmental progress. We have thus succeeded, for over 30 years, in restoring buildings, and in so doing, linking the architectural footprint from the past with collective efforts to ensure a greener future for the next generations.

Commercial development

Real-estate development within the commercial sector is inherently challenging as a result of the many needs of its target clientele. Installation-related requirements are thus not the same when dealing with a restaurant owner or merchant. When this principle is considered, it affects all the steps required during building transformation. Therefore, our firm strives to take into account all the specific requests of its clients, which will affect the process and actions that must lead to the building’s transition to purely commercial use.

The commercial development of a given thoroughfare and the restoration of its buildings alone may contribute to revitalizing a neighbourhood. This type of impact is crucial not only to economic growth but also to the social vitality of an area. Similarly, it provides the street with diverse and ample products and services. All of this is evidently critical for a city that is striving to grow, such as Montreal.


Dans une industrie où la compétition se révèle parfois féroce, il est essentiel pour notre groupe immobilier de se distancer de la masse par notre capacité à s’allier avec des entreprises capables d’offrir des services similaires aux nôtres.

Partageant notre vision et mettant de l’avant des valeurs de progrès et de prospérité collective conformes à celles de Gestion George Coulombe, ces entreprises d’ici et d’ailleurs nous permettent de déployer les ressources nécessaires au développement immobilier dans la région.

Ainsi, nous sommes fiers d’afficher notre partenariat à des sociétés telles que Time Equities, l’Ordre des architectes du Québec, etc.

Sustainable development and LEED certification

Since it was founded, Gestion Georges Coulombe considers that respecting environmental values is crucial where development is concerned. The real-estate sector in particular is known for a frequent disregard or lowering of existing standards.

This is why our firm would like to mention its social and especially environmental involvement through its LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Exceeding even the strictest criteria of the LEED program, Gestion Georges Coulombe strives to use only high-performance systems and equipment, the least number of available of resources, and design projects that are increasingly innovative from an environmental standpoint. By positioning sustainable real-estate development as a way of thinking rather than an obligation, we firmly believe that we are contributing to making the greater Montreal and its surrounding area, a region that is in the environmental forefront in North America.