Restoration of heritage buildings

It is our passion for the preservation of Montreal’s architectural past that has contributed, since our very beginnings, to fueling our investment in the renovation of historic buildings.


“Bringing a building back to life while respecting its past and integrating it into the present:” This is the objective that our company has set itself to ease the conservation and integration of built heritage in the urban landscape.

We are passionate about what we do, and we consider our buildings to be an integral part of our history and culture.

The conservation of built heritage operates within a sustainability perspective. Indeed, what is greener than a building that is already built? In the elaboration of each new project, Gestion Georges Coulombe puts its ecological footprint at the centre of its reflections and has done so for more than a decade.


A turnkey finish is also preferred by our team. And this, within competitive deadlines; to guarantee you the greatest satisfaction. Thus, all you will have to do is worry about the furniture and the moving date!

Turnkey building development

In addition to building restoration, Gestion Georges Coulombe also offers a building development service for commercial premises. Always according to our superior quality standards, our real estate group takes care of all aspects of the development of your upcoming projects. Our services include the preparation of plans, in collaboration with reputable professionals, the submission of tenders and estimates, the orchestration of operations and the execution of works.

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