Taking to heart the development of premises that restores the historical character of its buildings, Gestion Georges Coulombe stands out for its passion and commitment to promoting respect for the environment. It is through an approach that is sensitive to sustainable development that even today our real estate group is a pioneer in this field.

By positioning sustainability as a priority in all of our projects, we firmly believe in the positive contribution of our commitment in Montreal, and more broadly in the North American real estate

LEED Certification

LEED-certified buildings (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) improve energy efficiency, lower carbon emissions and create healthier places for tenants. They are an essential factor in dealing with climate change, meeting greenhouse gas goals and supporting communities within a more equitable framework.

To achieve LEED certification, a building earns points by adhering to prerequisites corresponding to carbon, energy, water, waste, materials used for the development and maintenance of spaces, and indoor environmental quality. Projects go through a rigorous verification and review process and are awarded points that correspond to a level of LEED certification.

It is with pride that two of our largest buildings have the “GOLD” certification, namely 360, rue Saint-Jacques and 276, rue Saint-Jacques. The former Royal Bank headquarters was the first building in Old Montreal to obtain this certification in 2011.

GGC Initiative

The urban environment has a significant negative environmental impact, with respect to biodiversity and climate change. Our collaboration with Micro Habitat and Alvéole acknowledges this. 276 Saint-Jacques Street houses a beehive and an urban garden on its roof.

We raise awareness and seek to improve people’s understanding of the environmental impact of cities, thanks to the workshops we offer to our tenants in the summer. By integrating these values to our activities, GGC positions itself as a driving force in the Greater Montreal region.

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