Property management services

Gestion Georges Coulombe is pleased to offer its clients full property management services including building management, rental administration and operations management. Together with our partners, our firm is in charge of managing a wide range of operations and transactions in relation to commercial-building management. This is an ideal solution for any property owners who happen to be abroad with properties in the Montreal area. Whatever your situation, our dedicated team will handle your investment as if it were our own.

Building management

Building management basically consists of all aspects associated with the comfort of the occupants of a rental building, and more specifically pertains to all the work to be carried out as well as maintenance by reliable and dedicated employees. Depending on the needs of the building involved, our operations encompass everything of a technical nature, such as cleaning services, the security system, management of emergencies or losses, contract follow-ups, etc. Once again, our firm offers a turnkey solution for this type of service in order to meet the various needs of building owners with respect to property management.

Rental space management and administration

Rental and administrative management consists in ensuring good relations with tenants so that they have the best possible experience and reinforcing their retention.

In this respect, it is a question of managing rental space use, i.e. seeking to fill rental space through billboards and advertisements, for instance. This aspect also more specifically involves coordinating the entire financial operations for the building’s rental space. This includes bookkeeping as well as access to legal, accounting and financial planning services, etc. In more concrete terms, this aspect of property management also involves rent collection, lease renewals, budgetary control, the generation of reports and statements of all kinds, etc. In short, everything that is related to the legal aspect of your offices or commercial space.

Our property management firm is therefore responsible for communicating and dealing directly with the companies or individuals who use your space, so that you may enjoy peace of mind. This ensures optimal and streamlined building management by our team for both the owners and the investors that are involved.